Historic Bunkerville Well

Monthly Water Rates and Service Charges

Monthly water rates and charges for all classifications of service are based on the meter size and charged in accordance with the table “Monthly Water Rates and Charges” in the current Rules, Regulations and Rates approved by the District board.

Water is billed as 1 Unit = 1,000 gallons. The water is billed on a tier rate structure based on the size of meter at each property.

On February 3, 2015, the Virgin Valley Board of Directors approved a Debt Reduction Fee to be added to every customer’s bill to help offset the large debt the District had incurred over many years with multiple bonds. The amount set was $10.00 per ¾” meter and is scheduled to be reduced as each bond is paid off.

The most recent Rates and Surcharges are listed below.

The Virgin Valley Board of Directors approved a rate increase on November 21,2023 for the next three years.

The increase will show on your August 2024, August 2025 and August 2026 billing statements. In April 2026 you will see a decrease in the debt Service Surcharge.

FY 2025 Monthly Billing Rates

FY 2026 Monthly Billing Rates

FY 2027 Monthly Billing Rates