Historic Bunkerville Well

Current Projects

Virgin Valley Water District Project Updates
Last Updated: December 5, 2023

Scenic Tank Replacement Project – this project includes the construction of a 2-million-gallon welded steel water storage tank adjacent to an existing tank east of Bunkerville. Construction commenced in June, 2023. The Contractor is working on the coating of the tank. After disinfection and testing, the tank is anticipated to be in service January, 2024.

Sun City Booster Station – this project will help mitigate the possibility of Sun City needing to be placed on low pressure during maintenance or repair of the main trunk line feeding Sun City. The project includes booster pumps that will pump from a lower pressure zone to Sun City’s higher pressure zone. Initial grading for this project is complete to facilitate the drilling of a monitoring well at the site. This project is currently in the design phase with building construction anticipated in 2024 (dependent on power transformer availability).

Treatment Plant 35 – this project includes an arsenic treatment plant facility and equipping Well 35 (off of Mesquite Heights Rd) and will provide additional source capacity for the continued growth in the service area. The project is expected to commence in early to mid 2024.

Well 36 (Wingate) Well Equipping and Well House – this project includes equipping the recently drilled Well 36 (near Wingate Dr) and constructing a well house adjacent to the well. The project is not expected to commence until 2024.

Sandhill Waterline Replacement – this project includes replacement of approximately 6,400 feet of aging waterline on Canal St and Sandhill Blvd north of Old Mill as well as Old Mill east of Sandhill. The project is currently in design with commencement of construction anticipated in mid-2024.

Town Wash Pipe Replacement – this project involves the replacement and realignment of the waterline between Town Wash and Pioneer Boulevard just north of I-15, as well as on El Dorado Rd near Mesa Blvd. The waterline improvements are part of a larger storm drain project in coordination with Mesquite City and the Clark County Regional Flood Control District. Construction is anticipated to commence at some point in 2024.

Hafen Ln/Leavitt Ln Waterline – this project includes minor waterline improvements along Hafen Ln and Leavitt Ln and is part of a larger project (Leavitt Ln) with the City of Mesquite. Construction is anticipated to commence in the first half of 2024.

Airport Booster Upgrades – this project includes removing and replacing the piping and booster pumps in the Airport Booster Station next to the Airport Tank (off of Chaparral Dr). This project will increase both capacity and reliability of the booster station. The materials for the replacement have arrived; construction is anticipated to commence in January/February, 2024.

Projects Recently Completed:

Pioneer Boulevard Waterline Replacement Project – this project included the replacement of waterline in the Pioneer Blvd/Falcon Ridge Pkwy intersection and in each direction up Pioneer Blvd and Falcon Ridge Parkway and was completed in April, 2023.

Well 36 Transmission Line – Well 36 will be treated at Treatment Plant 35 on Mesquite Heights Rd. This project included the transmission line to convey the raw water from Well 36 along Wingate Dr to the already installed transmission line in Mesquite Heights Rd. Also included with the project was a high pressure loop line which allowed Hayden Estates to change pressure zones alleviating lower pressure concerns. The project was completed in June, 2023.