One of our most frequently asked questions. Can I drink the water?

YES! You can drink the water in Virgin Valley! Rumors go around from time to time that our water here in the valley isn’t safe to drink. These are FALSE! Our water meets or exceeds (mostly exceeds) ALL government standards for safe drinking water. It is tested bi-weekly and treated to ensure that safe water is always available right at your faucets.
Is our water Impurity free? No, but don’t stress! All drinking water, including bottled water, may be reasonably expected to contain at least a small amount of impurities. And some of those “impurities” are minerals that are essential nutrients. The source of drinking water for the Virgin Valley is from groundwater. The Virgin Valley Water District draws water from nine deep set wells located throughout the valley, with two additional wells under construction. Depths of wells range from 650 ft to 2,040 ft. As water travels through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and other impurities which end up in our drinking water. One naturally occurring impurity found in the valley’s groundwater, that is treated and removed from the water is arsenic. The Virgin Valley Water District has six state of the art arsenic treatment plants, with a seventh under construction that removes the naturally occurring arsenic in our groundwater to very low levels that are below the safe drinking water standards.
BOTTOM LINE, unless you have a particular sensitivity to a particular mineral or substance, you should be able to SAFELY DRINK THE WATER! 
See the VVWD annual water quality report under Our Water, then Quality and Quantity.